Symbols have a special power that expresses ideas, emotions, and personal values. With the right symbolism, fine jewelry can be more than just a pretty accessory. The option to make a piece custom using symbols, charms, and engravings can help convey a unique message so much more meaningful.

An infinity symbol represents the concept of limitlessness or eternity. It can be viewed as a token of everlasting love or infinite possibilities. A woven figure eight can be interlaced with mined or lab grown diamonds, which will be a glowing reminder of these ideas. The symbol itself carries a deep meaning, which for some represents the unending life cycle. For others, it might show how everything has a never-ending connection. Being a symbol of hope and possibility can inspire and is a timeless piece that will be cherished for an infinite amount of time.

A heart symbolizes all forms of love. As it is seen as the source of all emotions, hearts are a very popular choice for jewelry. Throughout history, the heart has had both a religious and romantic meaning. Today, it represents strong love, friendship, and deep affection. It has now found its way into rings, pendants, charms, earrings, and more. With different stones and colors, such as this amethyst, you can customize your ‘heart’ and not just keep the traditional red that is typically associated with the icon. As a gift, hearts are a perfect choice to show someone you care and represents a special kind of love.

The cross is instantly associated with Christianity, making it a powerful symbol of faith. However, the cross holds significant meaning in other cultures and religions as well. Some cross pendants come in various shapes and sizes which can signify different meanings such as:

  • A Latin cross is one of the most well known types of crosses that represent Christ’s crucifixion and his passion.
  • A Celtic cross stands for wholesomeness and unity.
  • An Egyptian ankh cross represents eternal life and immortality.
  • A north star, even though not a traditional cross, holds similar significance to the cross with its implication of guidance and independence.

Options for a cross symbol can be as bold or simplistic as you like, coming in 14K white gold, sterling silver, or diamond encrusted. At times of feeling lost, a cross can keep you grounded, so choosing the right design for your symbol of faith is important.

Fine jewelry is the perfect way to represent your own beliefs and personality. A cross, heart, or infinity symbol can be customized with colors, stones, and engravings to make it extra meaningful. Johnson Jewelers of Lake City is your local, independently owned fine jewelry store. Our experienced jewelers will help you choose the perfect piece to express yourself.