Summer. With its warm embrace and endless possibilities, holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a season of exploration, adventure, and making memories that last a lifetime. What better way to cherish those precious moments than with jewelry that captures the essence of our special summer experiences? From vibrant gemstone bracelets reminiscent of sunset hues to local freshwater pearls that recall last days at the lake, summer-inspired jewelry serves as tangible tokens of the joy and warmth we experience during this season.

As the sun sets on long summer days, it paints the sky in breathtaking hues of orange, pink, and purple. Capturing these vibrant colors, gemstone jewelry becomes a radiant reminder of the glorious summer sunsets. Citrine for the golden rays, rose quartz for the soft pink skies, and amethyst for the purple twilight, these gemstones encapsulate the enchanting beauty of Lake City’s dusk skies.

Lake Pepin holds a magnetic allure during summer, drawing us to its shores to bask in the sun and savory the cool breeze. Freshwater pearls, with their unique shapes and textures, become a treasured keepsake of one’s adventures in Lake City. We love to craft these delicate tokens into necklaces, earrings, or bracelets to immortalize the carefree spirit of beach days and the beauty of the lake’s treasures.

Aquamarine gemstones, with their serene blue hues, evoke the calmness of water bodies, while wave shaped designs on bracelets or rings capture the rhythmic flow of waves. Water-inspired jewelry becomes a source of tranquility, reminding us of peaceful moments spent by the water’s edge.


For those in Lake City or the surrounding areas who adore sailing or boating, nautical-themed jewelry becomes a cherished memento. Anchor pendants, sailboat charms, and rope-inspired earrings or bracelets pay homage to the nautical life and the joy of sailing on the lake during the summer months.

Special summer memories are fleeting, but with jewelry inspired by the essence of the season, those moments can be preserved and treasured forever. Johnson Jewelers of Lake City is your local, independently-owned custom jewelry store. Our experienced goldsmiths and jewelers will help you create the perfect summer jewelry piece.