Mother’s Day is May 12th this year and even though it may seem like there is plenty of time to find a wonderful gift for mom, now is the perfect time to start shopping, especially if you are considering something unique or customized.

While our store always has beautiful jewelry on display and ready for sale in our cases, Mother’s Day is one of those holidays we often see customers looking for something just a bit more unique. Our goldsmiths are talented at creating many unique jewelry pieces, but for Mother’s Day, the mother’s ring is a popular choice.

A mother’s ring is a timeless jewelry item that is unique to the mom who wears it. Created using the birthstones of a mother’s children, this type of ring can be created in many different combinations of gemstones and metal type(s).

The origins of mother’s ring can be traced back to early 20th-century America. One of the earliest known examples is attributed to a jeweler named Morris M. Baruch, who created a ring for his own mother in 1912. However, the concept of birthstone jewelry dates back even further, to ancient times when people believed that gemstones held special powers and properties. Each month was associated with a specific gemstone, and wearing a gemstone corresponding to one’s birth month was thought to bring good luck and protection.

Johnson Jewelers can customize a ring for your mother. Our goldsmiths will collaborate with you to choose the ring’s design, the type of metal, and help select beautiful gemstones for the ring.

If rings are not your mother’s style, other popular jewelry ideas include mother’s birthstone necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. If you are interested in something that does not include gemstones, an engraved necklace, watch, or a different type of ring is a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Special messages engraved on a piece of jewelry become keepsakes for generations to come.

Johnson Jewelers in Lake City is your one-stop shop for jewelry of all types. During the month of April, we are offering special discount days to those ordering early for Mother’s Day. Order by April 1 and receive 20% off, April 15 for 15% off, and April 27 for 10% off your purchase.

We look forward to meeting you soon and creating something truly special for your mother.