Longtime family-owned business, Johnson Jewelers, is expanding and adding a second location in Lake City, MN, becoming the fifth jeweler to set up shop in the 145-year-old building on Center St.

Karen Johnson-Leonard becomes the second female jewelry store owner to operate in this beautiful, historic building. The first resident of the building was Crane Bros. in 1877, followed by Schmidt Bros. Jewelers, Conway Jewelers, and Swan Jewelers. The building has always been home to dazzling jewels and beautiful stones, making its history even more unique.

Johnson Jewelers of Lake City brings its existing services to this new location, but they will also be continuing on the legacy of previous resident, Steve Swan of Swan Jewelers, founded in 1988. Most notably, with the amazing history of Lake Pepin, Johnson Jewelers of Lake City will continue to sell Lake Pepin Pearls, a beautiful staple of Swan Jewelers and the Mississippi River. From clams in the river comes natural pearls, all unique and beautiful. Pearls are purchased from local clammers, and each has an individual hue, shape, and luster that can’t be found in cultured pearls. These gorgeous, locally-sourced pearls can be mounted in rings, pendants, and earrings, becoming treasured keepsakes you’re sure to love.

While fine quality jewelry, natural and lab grown diamonds, and purchasing gold, silver, and other precious items are still core services, an additional service will be made new to Johnson Jewelers. Engraving and sublimation services allow for signatures and designs to be engraved onto necklaces, tumblers, and more.

Although new faces are coming into the space, you’ll see a familiar one as well: Shar Yorde will remain on the staff, bringing her expertise and history with Lake Pepin Pearls to the team. Swan Jewelers has been known for their exceptional customer service and high quality of work for 34 years, and Johnson Jewelers of Lake City is excited to continue on the legacy as being the best jeweler of Lake City, Minnesota.

Start your custom jewelry design today! For more information, contact us at 651-345-3825 or visit us online at johnsonjewelerslakecity.com